Laura O'Farrell, RN
About Us
Laura O'Farrell, RN, (photo right) President, first conceived of her business while employed as an agency nurse traveling from hospital to hospital. She truly enjoyed the advantage of picking and choosing the hours and shifts that she wanted.

During her years in that field, she saw an increase in the desperate need for supplementing nurse staffing. She decided to start her own agency, which would pay nurses more and charge hospitals reasonable rates.

Laura's nursing background, coupled with her husband Francis O'Farrell's 22 years of business experience, form the foundation upon which the Adara HealthCare Staffing® concept has built its business.

Laura has built a talent bank of the best and brightest in the nursing field. Word of mouth has expanded and a flourishing agency is poised to anticipate the staffing needs of healthcare. The O'Farrells' deep commitment to excellence and their strong work ethic has enabled them to establish lasting relationships with hospitals and long-term care facilities. Adara Healthcare Staffing® is where they turn to when staffing shortages occur.

The Adara HealthCare Staffing® name has become synonymous with "superior temporary healthcare staff to those in need."

Business Ethics
Our Pledge of Good Practice and Fairness

Adara pledges its support and adherence to principles and practices set forth as follows.
  • To comply with all laws and regulations applicable to business and ethical standards in the operations and dealing with staff, customers and competitors.
  • To treat all applicants and staff with dignity and respect.
  • To maintain high standards of integrity in regards to job assignments and to assist the best candidate to fill a customers' needs.
  • To determine what qualifications and experience of staff is appropriate to the right set of circumstances.
  • To take prompt action to address questions, concerns or complaints regarding any issues that may arise from staff or customers.
  • To encourage staff to upgrade and maintain their skill level. To strive to be the best that they can be.
  • To encourage staff to care for and support patients in a respectful manner providing quality care to the best of their ability.
  • To provide our staff with the ability to pick and choose their schedules and place of work in order to obtain great job satisfaction.
  • Dignity, pride, excellence, customer services and competence are the basic core requirements of ADARA.
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